Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Paul Johnson--one of my favorite authors--wrote, "to the people of America--strong, outspoken, intense in their convictions, sometimes wrong-headed but always generous and brave, with a passion for justice no nation has ever matched." Coming from someone who's not an American himself, that's a huge compliment. We Americans are, or at least were, all of those things. We are the most prosperous nation on earth, and I fear that it is our prosperity--the result of generations of hard work--may be our downfall. We've focused so much on pursuing the "American Dream" that we've lost sight on what really matters, who we really are, and why this great nation was created. What we need, as a nation, is to get our focus back where is belongs; that is if we want to save the last free nation from self-destruction. It's time for self-examination--to find the source of the "cancer" that's destroying the nation before it too late. In order to do that, we need to take a trip into the past--to see when it all started.


  1. that is very generous of him (I love Johnson too).

    your first post begs the reader to keep reading! :-)

  2. I fear now that the "Greatest Generation" is in its twilight years what has made America great in the 20th century is now being lost in hedonism. Only God knows the true direction of this and future generations to come! Pray He is merciful...